How to use Call to actions on Youtube Vídeos

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Are you wondering how to get people from YouTube to your website?

Are you looking for ideas to move people from watchers to clickers? Keep reading to learn how.

Why YouTube for Traffic?

With an impressive three billion daily views, this video-sharing platform stakes its claim as the world’s second-largest search engine (behind Google) and is considered the third most-visited website in the world. Think YouTube is only for Justin Bieber fans? Think again.

As a marketer, there’s an absolutely incredible potential with YouTube if you deploy the right strategy. Imagine each of your videos as “mini websites.”

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Still reading the Youtube Creator Playbook … do you include a Call to Action in your videos?

Being successful in online video, especially in Youtube, includes being able to build community engagement and an audience (which is done through subscriptions to your Youtube account). There’s quite a lot of potential community engagement built right into Youtube. Things like comments, likes, favorites, sharing, and subscribing.

Not getting those? maybe you aren’t asking.

Which leads us to creating a Call to Action in your videos. You could also think of these as Next Steps. Basically, your goal should be to tell people watching the video what to do next – give them something to do (something that actually relates to your organization).

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Many search marketers — whether on Google or YouTube — measure the success of their campaigns in terms of conversions. In those cases, it's not just about clicks or views of your ad, but what the user did next: a sale, a sign-up, a donation, or any other response in which users take action on your website.

We've heard from users, partners, and advertisers using Promoted Videos that they want to be able to incorporate these kinds of conversions into their campaigns so they can “close the loop” and drive traffic to off-YouTube web pages. We've been testing this feature with partners for several months, many of whom have seen great success. So today we're broadly launching this feature as an option for all Promoted Videos, allowing anyone who runs a campaign to specify a “Call-to-Action” for users, helping them generate engaged, well-targeted traffic for their websites.

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How Do You Do It?

Promote Video
You need to be already promoting a video in order to use Call-to-Action Overlay ads. In order to do that, go to YouTube Promoted Videos and select (or upload) a desired video.


Then, simply follow the YouTube instructions to write a promotion description and enter keywords. Set the cost per click (CPC) rate for the amount of money you are willing to pay each time viewers click on your clip.

promotion videos


Edit Video
Once the clip gains a status of a promoted video, you should go back to your account and choose My Videos. Then, choose to edit your video and you will see a Call-to-Action Overlay option.

Fill Out the Call-to-Action Form
Filling out the Call-to-Action form is straightforward. First, you need to enter a headline and description. In addition, you can plug in a URL for an optional image (e.g. your brand logo) that will appear on the left-hand side of your ad. Lastly, choose the destination URL to which you will be referring interested viewers.

ad overlay

Refer to Landing Pages
Linking your Call-to-Action overlay ad to your existing landing page gives you the highest chance of lead conversion. Your destination URL should be a specific page on your website that requires leads to submit a form to get more information or try a free trial of your product.

Why Should You Use Call-to-Action Overlays?

Call-to-Action overlay ads have already been successful for non-profit organizations because, as blogger Ramya Raghavan reported, they “drive traffic to an off-YouTube web page, where they can collect signatures, email addresses or even donations.” Charity: water best demonstrates the success potential of the new YouTube feature. This non-profit raised $10,000 in a single day by using the Call-to-Action overlay ads.

Why Shouldn't You Use Call-to-Action Overlays?

Some YouTube viewers consider overlay ads annoying outbound marketing. They easily get distracted from the video material they are watching and feel bothered by the pop-up URLs. To eliminate such distractions, viewers often close the ads (there is a close option available on the right-hand corner of the ad).”By habit, I always click the 'x,'” commented Spencer Schoeben on the recent news. That is why, many believe, a more successful marketing approach might be placing Call-to-Action ads at the end of featured videos insted of throughout them.

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